Poet Jones in Asia || The analog memories

[dropcap type=”full” ]S[/dropcap]o in the winter of 2014 I  traveled to my beloved Indonesia to shoot the first collection of the first poem series as part of Poet Jones creations. I was determined to take all shots with film using my Nikon FM. I wanted to take the time and the right attention for this project. Love looking back to some pictures I took during this amazing journey and really stocked to announce the last and final restock for this collection will be available online right before I’m about to leave on another great journey to sniff up endless inspiration for more creations;

A trip around the world with no destination and no purpose to come back anytime soon..

Don’t worry I’ll take you with me. Through my words, stories and pictures that I can’t wait to share with you. Come and wander with me! But first let me take you back on a little flashback..

This was such a lovely trip and I can’t wait to go back and get inspired, create new designs and share it all with you!



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