Magic Malaga in October

Magic Malaga

Malaga has always been one of my most favorite cities in Andalusia. Somehow I seem to feel more at ease in smaller cities that have a cozy vibe to it, Malaga is that kind of city to me. With its romantic orange lit allies, small rooftop bars, and harbor views it keeps pulling me back everything I’m in Europe.



This year October still had some good Indian Summer vibes to it and I simply loved to roam the streets and shamelessly drink red wine at 12 o’clock without feeling guilty or feeling like, perhaps, maybe having a slight drinking problem.




I booked an Airbnb with the best view at the stunning cathedral of Malaga which catches the changing lights of the day like no other.





When during a stroll through this wonderful street musician gave me a cheeky little look.


And once again Malaga became my base during my Andalusian get away.



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