The Jones
behind the poet

Joni Jones Siahailatua

I’m a passionate storyteller who goes by the name of Jones. With a curious heart that never sleeps, I help brands, companies, and people to get their unique story in writing—whether by creating exclusive brand stories, engaging website copy, or with my intuitive writing workshops.

I believe everything has a story to tell, and I’ve made it my mission to help you tell yours or that of your brand, product, or event authentically and effectively. Always making sure your (brand) philosophy is recognized in every written word.

After years of working in advertising and media, I left all things safe and secure to travel the world. Packed with a laptop and a mission, I’ve been writing my way a fair bit around the globe.

Currently, I consider myself a part time digital nomad dividing my time between Asia and Amsterdam, while providing both my writing and marketing services to clients all around.

By combining my passion for writing and content with my experience in advertising and marketing, I’m bridging the gap between people, brands, and their authentic story.

Because, honestly, what is this world without the stories that connect, move, and inspire?