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The story
of Poet Jones

is one of a world-travelling poet who traveled to many places to find parts of the poem that tells her own story. When it was time to go and let go of everything she once knew in order to grow, she went, and she grew. The journey became a long and exciting one.

Her personal purpose grew into the bigger mission of helping others with connecting to their own (brand)story and communicating this as authentically and effectively as possible. By combining the passion for writing, creating and storytelling with a broad experience in advertising and media Poet Jones helps other brands and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between people, brands, and their authentic story.

Services by Jones

Content creation and visual storytelling

Your brand story should be the leading force behind all communication on the various social media channels. Besides helping other brands with creating and maintaining a fitting content approach I also connect, create and share stories that I feel connected with via my own brand.

I believe everything has a story and it’s my personal purpose to help you tell yours or that of your brand, product, or event authentically and effectively. While always making sure your (brand) philosophy is recognized in every written word and throughout all communication.

This includes content strategies for other brands as well as the personal branding and blogging via Instagram. If you like to see more, get featured or get inspired don’t hesitate to connect with me via social media.